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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where it came from... (Why I became an Obstetrician)

People often ask me why I chose to deliver babies.  The following is a brief perspective...

My grandmother and great grandmother both brought life into the world...and I don’t just mean their own children, which were many.   They were lay obstetricians and lay midwives. They were “home grown” practitioners of birth.  There were few other folks in those deep dampen rural parts of Southern Georgia  who were committed  to and available for such type work.  “Ushering in the next generation” my grandmother would call it. I remember her firmly counseling me in my most junior state of physician-hood; “Young lady….do you know that you ain’t doing nothin’ new? I was birthin' babies long before you ever got here...”  Those words would embrace my soul forever.  My sense of novel familial professional accomplishment wasn't dismissed, but rather reinforced with a different source of pride as I realized my calling into women’s health was far greater than a self derived pursuit.  The natural affinity to care for women was already in my blood…it was already a part of my lineage. It was a legacy planted deep within me from the pairing of two amazing women who paved the way for my inspiration, motivation, passion and purpose.  For them I am thankful. For them I deliver babies...


  1. Well that explains that! Drum roll to your ancestors and loud clapping for you. God knows we need advocates dedicated to womens health and also knew you would graciously and mindfully bring the babies into this world. Isn't wonderful to absolutely know why you are where you are at and what you are doing it for!
    Yours Truly Sistagrl1

  2. Okay, this moved me to tears this morning. Thank you and your grandmother and great grandmother. Beautiful.